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swimming expedition

Swimming is a very suitable cardiovascular exercise to promote weight loss. If you have knee problems or are overweight, you will avoid injury. Experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) recommend daily physical activity to improve health and increase well-being.

Likewise, doctors also claim that exercising daily or playing sports is extremely beneficial. Swimming is one of the best physical activities. The good thing is kids can practice it at an early age.

Swimming is a complete sport. Not only does it help improve specific skills, lose weight, tone the body, but it also contributes to mental health. Therefore, many people are encouraged to practice it often, as part of their routine. It is considered an aerobic exercise since it requires large amounts of oxygen for the work of the muscles, which, of course, develops lung capacity. Among the best-known benefits of swimming is the release of stress and emotional tension, the increase of muscle tone, and the strengthening of the cardiovascular system.

Swimming for Weight Loss

While swimming, achild swimming large part of your muscles participate in the exercise, making it even more complete than walking. A comparative study concluded that swimming helped to lose more weight than walking in sedentary older women. When measuring the reaction to the same intensity in each type of exercise performed three times a week, it was found that the women who swam lost 1.1 kilograms and 2 centimeters more than those who limited themselves to walking. On the other hand, it was observed that swimming reduces the risk of injury to the knees and ankles.

It Can Be Practiced from an Early Age

Swimming is a sport that can be practiced from an early age, taking into account some precautions


Practicing it from 4-6 years of age can undoubtedly be very advantageous, but you should not age the sport in any case. So do not worry. If you do not know how to swim yet, you can attend initiation classes to lose your fear of water and let go more and more in the pool.

It Is Also Useful in Rehabilitation Processes

The density of theswimming expedition human body is similar to that of water. Water supports the body, and joints and bones receive less impact. Swimming is frequently used in the rehabilitation process for specific injuries.…