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playing golf

For many years, Golf has always been a male-dominated sport. But it is not until recently that women have been allowed into the sport. Playing golf offers a variety of health benefits to both sexes. And this could be a reason why a good number of health experts are increasingly recommending the sport.

golf ball

Playing golf several times a week is enough for anyone hoping to improve their health. Whether you are playing on a nine-hole golf course or an 18-hole course, various aspects of your health will improve. Notably, women stand to realize a lot more benefits than their male counterparts. Here are some health gains realized by women who have taken up golf as their sport.

Reduced Stress

Like any other sport, playing golf is good for your mind. Playing golf brings you closer to a natural setting, which helps your body and mind relax. Also, your activity along the golf course makes your body release endorphins or feel-good hormones, which naturally enhance your moods. These two reasons explain why you are bound to go back home feeling better and less stressed after playing golf.

Improves Blood Circulation

This is yet another reason why you should play golf. Body movements induce contractions and relaxations which aid in blood flow. On the other hand, the fact that playing golf requires you to think about every move keeps your brain engaged at all times. Thus, stimulating blood flow in the brain reduces the possibility of suffering from dementia thanks to improved nerve cell connections on the mind.

Bladder Training

Playing golf can help you strengthen the capacity of the bladder. Spending a long time on a golf course allows you to try to hold on it. Holding it for a few more minutes to take a short or reach a convenient place gradually improves your bladder’s strength.

golfer Improved Sleep Quality

Playing golf has been shown to improve sleep quality. If you have been playing golf during the day, you will fall asleep faster and sleep better. Enjoying quality sleep is key to warding off several lifestyle ailments such as blood pressure and diabetes.

The immediate benefits of playing golf tend to be more pronounced in women than in men. First, you need to invest in a few golfing essentials and find the Best Golf Clubs For Women. Playing in the company of your female friends will certainly help you enjoy the sport better.…