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When we are ingesting a pharmaceutical drug, we expect that we get instant relief from the symptoms that are bothering us. Just like when we take Zilis CBD OIl, there is always an expectation that we get fast results so that we can be relieved of pain and any other manifestations of an ailment.

When choosing CBD oil, one of the most important thing to consider is its efficacy. We can only get instant relief when a pharmaceutical drug or CBD oil is absorbed by the body. The degree of absorption is called bioavailability. This is an important thing to know when buying CBD oil so that you can get the desired results fast and quick. But what makes a CBD oil to be absorbed faster than other brands? Here are some reasons.

Water Solubility

A CBD oil should be water soluble in order for it to be absorbed by the body quickly. Water can be quickly absorbed from the digestive and respiratory tracts and enters the blood stream where it distributed to individual cells of the body. The human body is 60% water, so it really helps if a CBD oil is water soluble. When you are taking CBD oil for pain, this should be the most important thing to find out in a CBD oil before buying.

Application Method

The method that you use to take in the CBD oil also have to do with the bioavailability of CBD oil. It is proven that transdermal injection is the fastest way of CBD getting absorbed because it is directed to the bloodstream. In contrast topical CBD is the slowest. Oral ingestion is observed to be one of the slowest absorption rate as it have to go through many parts of the body and processes before getting absorbed.

Liver Condition

Do you know that having a liver dysfunction can mean that the CBD that you are taking in can have more absorption rate than one with normal liver? This is because the liver functions to remove CBD from our system and prepare it excrete from the body. When this organ is impaired, CBD will stay longer in the circulation and have greater chance of being absorbed.


Increasing the dosage of the CBD you are taking means that you are also increasing its rate of absorption. But be careful not to reach the ceiling level which only stagnates the rate of absorption.

It is also noted that CBD has higher absorption rate when it is orally ingested with food than when you take it with an empty stomach. In contrast to the belief of many, heated CBD has lower rate of absorption than unheated forms. You can take CBD with fats or piperine to boost absorption.…