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Top Reasons Why You Need to Invest in Manual Handling Training

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Most of the organizations many not see manual handling as high risk, and that is why most of them do not offer manual training skills or techniques. But in some developed countries, you need to undergo a manual handling course for you to get employed in any company. It is one of the essential requirements that will enable all employers to stay safe while working. Your health is something that you need to take into consideration when working. Below are some reasons why employers need to invest in manual handling training.

Operate Within Compliance

carrying materialsAs mentioned earlier in our post, it is critical to ensure that you hire qualified and experienced workers who have a manual handling certificate. Since they have undergone thorough training, you can ensure that your company complies with various regulations, such as the risk of assessment requirements set by the health industry.

Employers must ensure that their workers are in the right position of dealing with a lot of tasks with care. When an employee gets injured, it can be your responsibility as an employer to deal with the situation. That is why it is advisable to ensure that they comply with all the health regulations set.

Reduce the Risk of Injury

According to HSE statistics, it has reported that over 600, 000 injuries were reported in different workplaces in 2016. Out of the 600 000 injuries, 30% were due to incorrect moving, lifting, and handling. Due to this reason, most companies want their workers to possess a manual handling certificate. With proper manual handling training, it will be easy to handle objects safely at work.

Employees Take Responsibilities

In a situation where employees feel that they are part of a given problem in their work, they are likely to take responsibility. Remember that most of the workers need to work for them to meet their living standards. That is why it is advisable to ensure that they get the proper training to avoid a lot of injury cases. As an employer, ensure that you introduce them, and they will abide by the safety precautions.

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Reduce the Amount of Sick Days

According to various researches conducted, it was discovered that over 30 million workdays had been lost due to workplace injury. But once you introduce manual handling techniques in your workplace, there will be fewer injuries that will result in fewer sick days being taken.